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Revelation of Delight
                                                                       Syed Mehdi shoja’i
Abstract: A true nice story about the household of holy Prophet who was fasting for three following days and donated their belongings to the other ones. This is one of the proofs in asserting the great soul and deep kindness of these infallibles, who were always put others before themselves, and not only themselves but only their beloved ones for the sake of God. Their behavior can be a role model for the people who seeks salvation and the true meaning of devotion.     

 heavy cold silence has taken over Medina. The people of the town, tired of their daily work have gone to their homes to rest.
The stars have decorated the sky. The earth is lighted from the soft, pale glow of the moon which has spread its rays like a silk cloth over the small mud-built houses of Medina.
Medina is silent and quiet and the only sound which gives it life is the echo of the strong steps of the Prophet. He is getting closer to Ali’s home.
The Prophet is accompanied by two of his followers. They too are pondering about what is worrying the Prophet.
Not only them, but the entire town knows how much the Prophet loves Hassan and Husain.
Everybody knows that the Prophet gets sad from what saddens Hassan and Husain and is pleased from what pleases them. Everyone knows that his love for them is not just the love of a grandfather for two adorable sweet grandsons. It’s a divine affection. All Muslims know that they must follow the Prophet and love Hassan and Husain. 
Because lots of times before, they had seen the Prophet in front of the eyes of everyone saying: “oh, God, I love Hassan and Husain. Love whoever may love them.”
Now the Prophet and two of his followers have reached Ali’s home. The sweet warm voice of the Prophet echoes through the house:
-    Dear Ali, darling Fatima, greeting to you. I’ve come to visit my children with two others. May we come in?
 It is the eager voice of Ali and Fatima that is heard from inside the house:
-    Greeting to you and the bliss of God! Welcome. Come in please.
First the scent of the Prophet and them himself and his followers enter the house. But this time Hassan and Husain don’t come running towards the Prophet. This time they do not throw themselves in his arms nor give themselves to his kisses.
Tonight Hassan and Husain are in their sickbeds and their illness has weakened them. They opened their eyes with difficulty. But they do not find the power in their limbs to get up.
 The Prophet, worried and impatient, goes towards their sickbed, rolls his cloak around his legs and sits next to the children kissing their faces.
-      What’s the matter my dear ones? I hope God removes this illness from you and give your health back.
Hassan and Husain circle their hands around the Prophet’s neck and hug him. Although this house belongs to the commander of the Islamic army, but nothing is found in it to serve the guests.
Ali apologizes for not having anything to serve the guests. However, the Prophet and his followers know that Ali’s poverty is his honor of Islam. They know that if Ali wanted, he could have had the best of livings. It was the lifestyle which Ali and Fatima had chosen, themselves.
Therefore, the guests are served with love, kindness and sincerity of the host.
Before living, the Prophet asks Ali:
-    Dear Ali! Don’t you want to perform a vow for the cure of their illness?
 Ali answers without hesitation:
-    Yes, I will vow three days of fasting. If God gave back their health I will fast for three continuous days.
 Fatima, hearing what the Prophet and Ali said, she says:
-    I too, vow that if God gave back the health of my children, I fast three continuous days.
Hassan and Husain open their tired eyes and say:
-    We will fast for three days, too.
And they feel the lips of the Prophet on their faces.
 “Fezzah” is a woman who has been the servant of Amana, the Prophet’s mother, for years. Now, she has voluntarily come to this house to be the companion of Fatima and learn the lesson of life from her. She, like the rest of her dear ones, vows to fast for three continuous days for the cure of Hassan and Husain.
It is a little after their vow that God gives back the health to Hassan and Husain. They both get up from their sickbeds, strong and refreshed.
 It is now the time to fulfill their vow and the household are all fasting. For breaking their fasts, there is only grain for five breads, which Fatima and Fezzah prepare and cook.
 The breads are cooked; one per person. They all sit waiting for Ali to come back from the mosque, so they could break their fasts together.
When Ali returns from the mosque, they all sit down to eat after a day of fasting and hunger.
Their hands have not reached the food when a knock on the door is heard:
-       I am poor, wretched beggar. Oh household of the Prophet! I pray God to serve you from his heavenly foods. Help me. My family and I are hungry…
 The beggar has not finished his words yet that Ali rises to give his bread to him. Fatima’s bread is put on top of Ali’s and then Hassan, Husain and Fezzah do the same. Five breads, the entire dinner of a fasting household is given to a beggar.
Now, there is only water to be served. The five fasters break their fasts with water alone, and thank God!
The second day of fasting is here. Again five breads are prepared for dinner. After two days of hunger and fasting, the hands go towards the hot breads which are the only food in the house; when again there is a knock on the door…
-       Oh, household of the prophet! I am an orphan child that has nothing to eat. Please help me.
A hand, with five breads in it, comes out from behind the door. The breads are given to the child along with good wishes and blessing. Again, the fasters break the second day of their fast with water. Hunger has drained their energy.
The food for the third day of their fasting is the same as the previous nights; flour enough for five breads.
          Ali is a powerful man and hunger is something which he is used to. However, how can the slender and delicate Fatima, Fezzeh and the two children who have just recovered from illness bear two days of hunger and not eat even a single piece of bread?
Anyway, they are fasting on the third day of their hunger.
As they get closer to the time of breaking their fasts, their hands start to shake from starvation. The eyes of Hassan and Husain are sunken and they can not walk nor stand on their feet from hunger. Ali returns from the mosque and there are five breads to eat and a bowl of water. Who knows how these three days have been for the members of this family? How appetizing this piece of bread looks!
Hassan and Husain pull themselves towards the food and stretch their hands towards the breads like the others But… there is again a knock on the door…
The sound of the knock leaves the hands hanging in the air.
-         Hello to the household of the prophet! Oh, Mohammad’s family! Please help a captive that has been hungry for a long time…
Nobody hesitates for a moment. The hands that had been stretched towards the breads to take a piece of them, put the breads in one pile and put them in the hands of the captive!
The only thing that gives this pained family strength and power is the joy of giving and self-sacrifice; the joy of giving when you are in need; to take the morsel from your starving mouth and giving it to another hungry being. Only God can value such a deed and know its worth. 
Ali looks at the pale yellow faces of his children and thinks with himself:
-     Visiting the Prophet will lessen pains and makes we forget our hunger. He turns to Hassan and Husain and says,
-    Let’s pay a visit to your grandfather.
The joy of seeing the Prophet excites the children and the three of them go towards his house.
When the Prophet sees the colorless and pale faces of his grand children and their delicate bodies, which shake from hunger, tears fill his eyes.
-    How can I bear to see my children in such a condition? Oh God, witness what the family of your Prophet do to gain your pleasure. Get up my dear ones to see how my darling Fatima is doing. How has she spent these three days?
Fatima’s eyes are sunken from hunger, and her legs are weak, but she still continues to pray.
The Prophet embraces his darling Fatima and cries in away that his shoulders tremble.
Who can see the loved ones of the God in such a condition and be unmoved?
At this time the air is filled with a beautiful fragrance and Gabriel comes down to the Prophet.
-     Oh Mohammad! Accept the gift which I have brought for your family.
-    Gabriel! What have you brought with you?
-     First the mercy and bliss of God for this family, and then verses about their matchless deed has been sent down.
Real value is in a work that brings about the pleasure of God. I, the faithful Gabriel, the bringer of revelation, and the link between you and God, do not find a greater gift than this.
 In these verses, the almighty God has introduced this fasting group as “the righteous ones” and has described their state in heaven:
God protects the ones who perform vows and are fearful of the Day of Judgment and give their food out of love of God to the poor, the orphaned and the captive, saying:
   “We only feed you for God’s sake. We desire from you neither reward nor thanks. Surely we fear from our God, a stem distressing day.”
Therefore God will guard them from the evil of that Day and cause them to meet with ease and happiness. And the reward of them for their patience is Heaven. Reclining therein on raised couches they shall find therein neither heat nor cold. And the shades of the garden will come down over them. And its fruits will hang low and easy to reach…
۞Surely this is the reward for you and your endeavor is accepted and recognized. (The holy Quran, 76:5-22)۞
Now, Hassan, Husain, Fezzah, Fatima and Imam Ali no longer feel hungry. Their starvation does not longer bother them and it is replaced by feelings of happiness and glory.  They all bow and thank their God for this wonderful great gift.

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