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  A Rreport  from the Birth of Imam Mahdi (as)
                                                                                            Reza Hemyari
Abstract: in beliefs of all heavenly religions, the belief in the appearance of a savoir exists. Some one who is going to come when all hopes have been dashed. In Shia beliefs, this person is the grandson of holy Prophet Muhammad, who will eradicate all signs of evils and immorality from the scene of world. Here, we will read about his holy birthday.

azrat Mahdi, Imam of the Age (as) was born on 15th Shaban, of the year 255 A.H. in Imam Hassan Askari's house in Samerra. 
Sheikh Mofid, (died in 412 A.H.) wrote:
"He was born on 15th of Shaban, 255 A.H. His mother was a slave girl called "Narjes"; He was 5 years old when his father, Imam Hassan Askari died. It was at the same very young age that God bestowed wisdom and power of speech upon him, and chose him as His proof to people of the world.”
Under divine dispensation and in an exceptional circumstances, His Holiness was born in secret just same as Moses (as) who was born out of sight of enemies, so as to be safe from the Wicked people.
Sheikh Sadough (died in 381A.H.) and Sheikh Toosi (died in 460 A.H.) both quoted almost the same detail about the birth of Imam Mahdi, from Hakima, daughter of the Ninth Imam, and the aunt of Imam Hassan Askari (as). According to her, upon the request of Imam Askari, she spent the night of 15th Shaban with Narjes Khatun (Imam Mahdi's mother) to hear the news of this blessed birth from her nephew, Imam Hassan Askari (as).
What was surprising to her was that before the mid night there was no visible signs of pregnancy or child-birth in Narjis. However, Hazrat Mahdi (as) was born and when Hakima handed Him to his father, on his father's order, the newborn child started talking. He recited the Azan, and witnessed to Imamat (leadership) of all the Imams and recited below verse.
"In the name of Allah, the Merciful Beneficent"
۞"But We had willed to bestow our favor on the oppressed children of Israel to make them the governors and to make them the heirs of the oppressors." “And to grant them power in the land; and to make Pharaoh. Haman and their hosts see what they feared to happen." (The holy Quran, 28: 5, 6)۞
His Holiness secret birth has already been predicted by his noble forefathers. This blessed event was narrated to us in 14 narrations (Safi Golpayegani, Lotf ullah, Montakhab – ol- Asar) including the narration that Saeid Ibn Jobair has quoted from Imam Zeyn ul Abedin (as):
"Ghaem (Imam Mahdi) is a member of our family, and that his birth will be kept as secret to people" 
Whilst keeping his son hidden from enemies Imam Hassan Askari, in proper occasions, allowed his close friends and believers to see His Holiness, since he wanted them to be sure about the existence of Imam Mahdi, and cast no doubt on it.
Sheikh Sadough quotes from Abu Ghanem (servant of Imam Hassan Askari (as) :
"A son was given to Imam Hassan Askari whom he named Mohammad. He showed his son to his friends on the third day of his birth and said: this baby is your Imam after me; he is the same Ghaem who has been awaited for; when the world is filled with tyranny and injustice, he will rise, and fills it with justice and equity ." 
   Sheikh Sadough quoted from Mohammad Ibn Osman that, when His Holiness was born, Imam Hassan Askari summoned Osman Ibn Saeed and commanded him:
"Buy 10,000 Ratls (Ratl: A weight measurement unit at that time) of bread and 10,000 Ratls of meat and distribute among people"
Ahmad Ibn Hassan Ibn Eshagh Ghomi also quoted that a letter was received by his ancestor, in Imam Askari’s well-known handwriting in which it was written:
"He is born; keep this news secret and do not disclose it to anybody. We informed only our friends and relatives for the confidence we have in them. And now we would like to inform you as well, in order to make you happy at this news as we did. "
It is also said that, once some forty Shiite people came to Imam Hassan Askari and requested him to show and introduce them the Proof, who is going to follow him.  Imam accepted their request unwillingly, as he always insisted on keeping this matter secret. Nevertheless, the visitors saw a gorgeous boy whose face was shining like the moon. Then Imam Askari (as) said:
"He is my successor and your Imam after me. Obey him and do not turn away from your religion otherwise you will be perished. However, remember that you will not be able to see him after today."