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Sunday, 23 September 2012 01:00

  Recognizing Enemy
                                                        Zahra Ejlal - Hassan Karami
Abstract: The man should not only be Godly, but most also recognize the enemy. Then he will be able to walk along the path, of perfection. At it is emphasized in Quran, one of the important things in life, is to be careful about the enemy, and do not take him as your friend, it is quoted from Imam Ali (as) that we should not under-estimate our enemy; even though he is weak. In this article, we get to know Satan.

Identify the enemy!
According to the verses and hadith, we have two types of enemies; internal and external enemies.
When a man sees his enemy face to face, he will naturally defend and tries to take care of himself. But hidden and insider is the worst enemy. Since people are unaware of it. So obviously domestic enemy can hit fatal blows upon us, so we should first identify the enemy within and after defeating this internal enemy, we can fight with external enemies stronger!
Internal enemies are within us, and with us. They are our passions, rages or concupiscence.
Human should not be faithful to Allah only, but also must be able to recognize the enemy then he can be able to route through the way of happiness and perfection, because the Quran has expressed this and states that the Satan is the external enemy of human beings:
۞ children of Adam, did I not make a covenant with you, that you should not worship Satan? He is surely a clear enemy to you.۞ 
۞ Satan would arouse discord among them; he is the clear enemy of mankind.(The holy Quran, 17:53) ۞
Satan is an evil creature that by misleading tries to influence the human with temptation and seductive. Imam Ali (as) said, “there is no enemy more vengeful than Satan.” Quran has also stipulates that you should take the devil as your enemy.

 The importance and necessity of recognizing the enemy
 “Be careful of neglecting your enemy because your enemy will never ignore and forget you.”
 The recognition of enemy is crucial and important. Hence the term enemy is repeated in the Quran and we see, in the verses, about the recognizing the enemies of Islam, their behaviors, and our interaction with them.
Forget complaining the evil!
Man can not complain from Satan, because Satan has declared that hell. Also in his speech, he will say to people in the doomsday; “Do not blame me! You should blame yourself today.
Because I’ve just invited you, and Allah showed the best way and invited you! But you chose your own way and followed me!”
Escaping from evil
Imam Sadeq (as) says, Devil can not divert a man from the right path if has five characters: “true intentions, frequent prays, patience in tragedy, satisfaction to Allah’s and to behave people the behavior as he like for himself.
Covering the Faults with pietism
۞Children of Adam! We have sent down to you clothing that covers your nakedness, and feathers. But the clothing of piety that is better. That is one of the signs of Allah, in order that they remember.۞ (The holy Quran, 7: 26).
As devil took out the clothes of our father, Adam, and disclosed his body he also wants to do the same with us; in other words, he wants to take out our dress of Piety!
 The dress of piety covers all of our faults. The dress of piety is the best dress and a man should not confine to his ordinary dress which covers his body only because the piety dress looks after the behavior and moral of human, although our ordinary dress is necessary.
It can be stated that in spite of high accuracy of dress of piety which our souls require, it does not need to think about the dress of body.
Detoxify your body!
The devil poisons our body. For example, someone wants to kill the other with poison. If he puts it in his pocket, it has no effect on him. Because his gastrointestinal should accept the toxin. Then it should be absorbed to his blood; after that it can, harm the body and damage it.
Temptations are like this: different lusts and desires among the youth, or the love for positions and powers among the elders, is a sign of the effect of poison.
 If someone enjoys from the compliments and Praises, it means that the poison has affected him. Imam Ali (as) in treaty of Malek Ashtar said: “Satan is always looking cunning; when you are praised, you should be careful, because you are in forefront of devil.