Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Sunday, 24 January 2016 00:54


A peaceful dialog amidst the smoke and war

The continuous occurrence of bloody events and wars, in different parts of the world, mainly conducted , but not limited to ISIS organization, and supported by the extremist Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, and their friends in Gcc and the region, has fortunately received the unanimous global condemnation and opposition.

After so many tragic wars, the scholars, intellectuals, politicians and the religious leaders have come to the understanding that war and arms are not suitable guides to a peaceful co-existence of the nations.

On the other hand, all the authorities of the states of the international organizations, politicians, scholars, and the leaders of the great divine religions have frequently reiterated that ISIS and other terrorist and extremist groups do not represent Islam.

We are proud that our policy in this quarterly magazine has been according to the peaceful teachings of Islam, tolerance, prevention from any form of violence, co-existence with other religious and social communities preserving environment, civil rights, human and humanitarian rights, social freedom, etc.

We believe that there is a positive relation between various measures of freedom and liberty, and economic growth and welfare. We also assume that characteristics of legal systems influence the available social liberties in every society.

In the current issue, our writers and translators have provided very interesting articles for you such as “ the Philosophy of Prophethood, the verses of life, the principles of friendship, happiness in Islam, the Role and position of keeping one’s promise in the Islamic community, some questions and answers about justice in the acts and behaviors of the Almighty God”, etc.

There are many youth in different Islamic communities, or even those born in the western countries, who are interested to know the Islamic view about the above social issues. Does the Islamic practice and traditions confirm the principles and characteristics of the modern societies and modernity as a whole?

We are glad to acknowledge that Shia aware scholars and jurisprudents, according to the teachings of our holy imams, and their commentaries from the holy Quran, and in an atmosphere of moderation and rationalism, have a response to immorality. 

We are also very grateful that similar voices are heard from different parts of the world. Recently I received a copy of “the study Quran”, a new England translation and commentary of the Quran, edited by Dr.S.H. Nasr. The book has been endorsed by a list of Muslim academics. It is done in a moderate manner, and is evaluated as an important work done on the Islamic faith in the England language to date.


Hamid Farnagh