Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Written by safinah   
Monday, 11 February 2019 22:53

These days are coincided with the anniversary of the revolution of ‘Ashura in Muslim countries, which is respected in the Western countries under the title of Imam Husayn’s Day.

‘Ashura and the behavior of Imam Husayn (p.b.u.h.) was a pattern of rescue of the oppressed Shia peoples and thirsty followers of justice throughout history, against the oppressor caliphs.

From the very beginning, as soon as the holy family of the martyred Imam (a.s.) were taken,as slaves, to the court of the wicked Yazid bin Mu‘awiyah (may God damn them); and the young Imam Sajjad (p.b.u.h.) and Her Excellency, Hadrat Zeinab, gave their enlightening speeches; all the audience, including the Yazid and his near family, condemned the brutal behavior of the aggressive army of the caliph, and the governor and the militia of Kufa town against the Innocent Imam and his fellows. The same has been repeated during the last 14 centuries, by all the free and aware noble people.

At this crucial and sorrowful time, we, as the followers of the Shia doctrine and school of thoughts, and the friends of Imam Husayn and Ahl- Bayt of the holy Prophet (p.b.u.h & h.f.) express our solidarity with him and our disgust at his enemies, now and forever.

Some brilliant aspects of the characteristics of the holy Imam Husayn, that may be taken as a good pattern for the humankind, in the long history, can be summed up, as below:

- Neglecting Injustice

- Valor

- Firm Determination

- Firmness in the path of God and Truth

- Frankness

- Humility, and bereft of Pride and Arrogance

- Patience and forbearance

I cordially take this opportunity to invite our respected readers to think and study about the movement of the Imam Husayn, and publish his name, thought, and behavior, in all the possible ways.