Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Husein Fakhari

Islamic researcher

Sep. 2017

Abstract: Fundamental believes are the foundation which affect our other believes. These believes, including belief in God and Prophecy and justice of God, and Resurrection. The belief in God is donated to all inborn; in fact it is in our soul and heart (Fitrah).

Here, the best attempt has been done to outline some of the issues that matter in the topic of “unity of God” like how to talk to God, what are the obstacles on our way to feel God, think about God or don’t think about Him, Names of God, … .

Key words: Fitrah, belief, act, morality, Islam, religion, Tuhid

Oh God..

In a mysterious way, in his own privacy, he wanted to talk, to cry, to nag, and to complain, to demand what he likes, to say his wishes, to talk about his grieves and failures and to ask for help; help for himself, for his family and for everyone. He knows from depth of his heart that there is someone who sees, hears and understands him. The One Who is kind, Merciful and Beneficent. The One Who has been with him all these years and protected him and never left him, Who has never left him in sleep or awake, happiness and grieves, success and failure, childhood and youth, ability and inability. The One with Whom can be talked no matter where you are or when it is, and you do not need standing in any line and wait. At this moment, he unconsciously shouted oh.. .

If he had not have him, how lonely, how helpless and how destitute he was; it was the first time he was aware of his presence; once when he was left alone, and no one was able to help, He quietly told him in his heart, don’t worry. I am with you! I was with you from the first and I will be; never forget this! When you were a sperm, where you were a child, when you were unable, I have been aware of you since then to now, be sure I am not a fair-weather friend; even if you forget me – you forgot me frequently- I do never forget you! Talk to me; not like strangers like friends; a close friend, a companion…

The man cried, “ oh …”

He might have never thought how to call him. It’s like someone from inside saying, “He is the One Whom your entity is of Him; All your things are from Him. One who loves you more than yourself and has helped you in danger. Supported you with no expectations and will continue to do so. Didn’t know how to call Him or thank Him or communicate with Him until one day he encountered someone who felt like him but he was yelling “God! Lord! My God!” abruptly it seemed he had found his own lost One. And after that, he started call Him like that “ oh my God, my Lord, …” and then peace fills every where.

But he felt that he was speechless. He wanted to talk more with him but he didn’t know how!? He wished He Himself (God) taught him how to speak and what to say. He came back to whom learnt him the first words; he found himself feeling well and reading something from a book. He sat there and waited for him to finish, after that he went closer and said “I need the good feeling you have. What have you done and what were you reading?”

He said, “I was praying”.

He replied, “What is praying?”

He said, “Talking with the One Who owns our lives. You know who has taught us these prayers? He Himself by His deputies, His messengers, His prophets, His imams.

He didn’t leave him until he learnt how to pray, supplication, the rabbana, the komeil and everything.

Fitrah and logic

One of the students came to him after the class and said, “sir. You talked about Fitrah but I’m not convinced. Would you please explain more? How could it be possible a thing, the very same thing, be shared among all human beings?”

He said, “Dear! Start from yourself and test. If you listen, you will hear the calling from inside! It does not matter who you are or where you are from. If you focus, you will hear the voice of inside who says, “I’m much weaker than that I could create myself and manage and run my world. There should be another one who do all these changes and management and I’m under his control”, don’t you hear this voice inside?”

He said, “Yes. By your guidance, I can hear those things in this situation. But can everyone, literate or illiterate, hear that voice?

Professor said, “You don’t need to be literate to hear that call. Everyone has been born with this call. It is called Fitrah and every human from the start of history to the end of history has been and will be born with it. They just need to listen carefully or by a “reminder” be informed of it; Although first they need to remove obstacles to be able to hear. The obstacles like love of positions, thirst for wealth and power, and other worldly attractions which can make distance between them and their Fitrah. Naturally, one who is less absorbed can hear the voice sooner. ”

The student said, “Everyone has some obstacles which can cause problems. Removing them is not easy. ”

He said, “Yes. But not impossible. It should be tried to find the best way to make ourselves notice this inner call. It is the job of prophets and infallibles. This is awakening Fitrah, when Fitrah is awaken, it would lead him toward his creator.” He said, “Do the other subjects like need to prophets or divine proofs are inborn and fitrah-based, too?”

He said, “It is sure theology is something inborn. But this Fitrah would lead you towards the deputy of God to get the manual of life. When you see that you don’t have multi-dimensions power and control to your past and future to create your salvation, you should ask for help from divine proofs of God and He will give you the manual of living, which is religion, to be acted upon that.

He said, “So every human has a divine nature, even when they are not a believer?

He said, “Yes. If people are not aware of their inner call, that’s because of our failure in leading or their failure in removing obstacles”


“What is wisdom?” The discussion was about it. Everyone said something but they couldn’t reach a conclusion.

The professor came and they asked him, “What is wisdom?”

The professor said, “Skip its definition it is better to talk about its essence that everyone accepts.”

“Logic is a lighten light in our spirit which all we receive, comprehend and discover are because of that light. The thing that departs us from other livings. The thing that our duties, responsibilities, rewards and punishments came from it. If there were not wisdom, you wouldn’t need to appear in any court or to respond to anyone, to fear from anything or have any concern. The origin of all the duties, obligations, grants, reward and punishments is logic given to human beings. Logic is so noble that when God created that, He said” it’s because of you that I reward or punish. ”

One of the students asked, “What are the functions of logic?”

He replied, “logic has several functions:

It is the light by which you see and differentiate.

It is a scale and measure by which you assess and judge.

It is a tool for thinking.

It is a guard not to give up to temptations

It is your leader in times of encountering dilemma

And it is an inner prophet which leads you to your destination. ”

He said, “If it is so, then why there are so many mislead, sinner and guilty people, against having logic?”

He said, “Everyone has logic. But some don’t use it or listen to it. Like a doctor who smokes cigarette while his logic and knowledge prohibit him of doing so. It is important to follow our logic which is the most important divine gift that we have. ”

He said, “What does logic say about God?”

He said, “Logic looks at the divine signs (skies, seas, creatures, and the whole nature including human) and judges that they are created and there should be a creator.”

If we ask him, “who is that creator and where is He?”

He would say, “I don’t have the ability to describe Him. Because I haven’t seen Him but I know He exists, as I make sure there is fire when I see smoke. Fitrah will come to help logic and by the guidance of these two elements, you came to believe that there should be a creator for these creators even though your tongue is incapable of describing Him. Your inner prophet, logic, makes you believe Him. ”

He said, “With this inner prophet (logic) that everyone has, why do we need prophets outside of us? Isn’t the logic enough?

He said, “No! It is not enough! The prophets have some other functions which complete logic. Like bringing revelation, shariah (religion), way of life, news from the unseen and the after death world, surprising knowledge about beginning of creation and its end; Education, Growth and Excellence of human and more other functions. In summary, both prophets are necessary. ”


When you say “got it”, it means you comprehend it with all cells of your body. You are sure of it, there is no doubt about it. It must be said we have several ways to gain this knowledge, sometimes by our senses, like it your hand feels the heat of fireplace, sometimes by feeling, for example when you are sure of your love to your mother or hatred to your enemies.

And when something is in the light of logic and science, you become sure of it; for example you realize number 4 is an even number or eight is more than seven. Sometimes by your consciences, you realize and you see there is a holder. There is no doubt in these understanding because your soul connects reality and gets to certainty: A certainty roots in your conscience.

As we have seen, your conscience becomes sure of something through several ways like senses, affections, reasoning, …. When you say “I got it by conscience”, it means you understand it with all your soul and your soul is replete with that reality and absorbed it.

Therefore, when you say “ I feel God by my conscience means you find Him by the depth of your soul and life and even if all the world deny GOD or all loudspeakers and media unite to talk you out of this belief, you would not relent and do not change your belief because you find Him ….

Question: How is it possible to help someone reach this knowledge? Without surrounding him by philosophical, hard to understand reasoning.

Answer: the way is continuous reminding about alterations and changes in his soul like these changes:

Who takes you from state of being awake to asleep, from asleep to awakening, from unconscious to conscious, from gladness to discomfort, from ignorance to awareness, from remembrance to forgetfulness, from forgetfulness to remembrance, and other hundreds of other changes which is in your soul take you, change you and you see you have no role in them.

These are remindings which awaken conscience and one realizes he has a backbone whom he relies on. And He, that behind One, does these changes. By drawing attention of people to nature also, you can point on people conscience: who sends rain, turns seeds into plants, bring sweet fruits from the Earth, arrange the ambulation of the earth and moon, let you cotrol water and sea and animal and elements, set death and life ?

Question: what are the relationship among conscience, reasoning, thinking and researching?

Answer: reasoning, thinking and researching can pave the way for consciences. They must act so strong that can put soul besides truth and get to certainty. Literally we can say conscience is a witness of logic. The one who is deprived of logic, his soul has no value as no revolution will form in a person whom his soul is not touched by his conscience… .


He was heard that I have used the term la-fekri about gaining knowledge about the identity of God and I said our minds take us no where ( to know God) but it makes us amazed. He disagreed and said, despite all these recommendations to think! And you say not to think and to put thinking aside?! I feel he couldn’t get what I mean so I explain more ….

I said, “ contemplation has a great place in our religious teaching. It is so valued that it is said an hour of contemplation is worth a year of pray. Various verses in Quran order people to think about the world and the hereafter, about the end of life and the life of ancient people, about blessings of God, about creation of the world, Earth, skies, … the importance given to this is because thinking is the cause of understanding truth and correcting mistakes or misunderstanding. Sometimes an hour of thinking can change the way of a life or even alter the destiny of a country. Depriving yourself from contemplation by the excuse of being busy with daily life will change human into still water; this is the thinking process which ends up in motion, innovation, creation and motivation.

He said, “So then what is la-Fekri? I said, “The only case it is not advised to think about but even we are discouraged to think about is thinking in the identity of God. The cause, of course, is clear, because God is above our understanding level, out of our understanding boarders. Therefore, to feel and know God we should go far from our judgment which is limited in the materialistic world, put thinking and judgment away to feel God. God gnosis is not reached by thinking, this way is blocked if we are going to go this way from our side, but it is open from His side, which means He let us know Him by our Fitrah. Therefore, la-Fekri (which means cleansing yourself from thinking about His identity) is the prerequisite of entering the territory of God gnosis. Therefore, to know God, first, we put thinking about His identity aside. The function of thinking is to make similarities and comparison among things and data, analyzing and concluding, but God is not similar to anything, so how logic can find a model or an example to compare Him to?

Those who surpassed this red line and wanted to test it unfortunately ended up in despair; eventually, they made an imaginary God for themselves. This imaginary God is not the real God and is refuted. A god which is made by imagination is as rejected as one made by stones and woods. We should put away the gods made in our mind. In traditions we read, whatever you made by your thought even in its best form is what you made not what God really is.


Although, religion is advised the easy and public way of thinking, teaching and following revelation of God to reach gnosis of God, but some want to try a difficult and risky path which is austerity. The principle of this method is avoiding four essential needs of human being which is eating, speaking, marriage and social interaction with others. They believe by curbing نفس (self, soul) and avoiding these animalistic desires, a person can open his eyes to truth, and truth will be revealed to him.

But the truth is this method has no root in religion, nor in the book of God, nor it was the life style of Prophet or infallibles. In addition, even if we regard this way as a way of reaching truth but still it has some disadvantages which cannot be neglected. First, it is not advisable for all and only few people can go through this path. Second, even if anything of truth is revealed to a person by this method, it cannot be regarded as a proof for others. Third, curbing نفس by austerity can be resulted in some illnesses and mental problems for some. And fourth, each discovery should be evaluated to be sure it is not a satanic penetration.

Austerity which its base is avoidance of pleasure to purify نفس and receiving inspirations is traced back to the schools of thought like Buddhism and is not related to Islam. In contrast, in Islam and other Abrahamic religions austerity is not encouraged but the emphasis is given to تقوا (piety). We can claim that nothing is remained of Revelations unless it was revealed to prophets; and even sometimes when we refer to what some of these mystics claim to find, we see these findings in contrast with what religion teaches us.

Believing in God

The discussion was about the effect of belief on behavior and people’s interaction. All have already agreed on its effect. People’s behavior is resulted from their beliefs. If one is not regarded any respect for humanity, in practice he shows this, he violates other people’s right easily. Someone asked, “now that everyone accepts this effect, let us know the difference between someone who accepts God and someone who has no belief in God? What is the realization of this difference on their behavior? What is the difference between a society where most of people believe in God and a society where people do not believe in God? Can we infer any sociological rule from it?

I said, “Belief in God is the highest level of all beliefs, how can it be ineffective on interactions of individuals and society? Experience has shown that human being when finds someone supervise his action, he would care not to do wrong let alone this supervisor be God. When you believe God is watching you, you would not do contrary to what God orders. He said, “You mean those who believe in God do not do against God’s order? I said, “ they do if their belief is loosen or they forget God; in other cases when a person is afraid of a police officer and does not do wrong things, so how is it possible to do wrong when he is in front of God? He said, “then the pest of believes is ignorance or forgetfulness or loosening beliefs? I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Due to the great effect of believing in God in stopping crimes and evil actions, how could it be institutionalized in society? I said, “When we all know guiding people as our definite duty and try to make even one person God believer, this belief will be expanded and society will benefit from it and to prevent pests we should be constantly in the process of learning, expanding our religious knowledge and of course asking God for help and His infallibles specially imam Zaman. He said, “what should we do with ignorance and forgetfulness?

I said, “the way the Quran shows is zikr ذکر and Tazakkor تذکر and thinking. Zikr, Tazakkor, and thinking are antidote of ignorance and forgetfulness.


He was full of questions and He started like this, if self-recognition is an introduction to theology, how and from which aspect I should recognize “I”? What is the relevance of this recognition to theology and what is the methodology of this knowledge?

I said, “In this crowded and chaotic world that each moment something jumps to your mind, you should give yourself an opportunity to get to know yourself and see where you came from and to where you go and what is your role? If you do that, new truth will be opened to you, you discover that someone else is the creator, the survivor, the keeper of you, the other One whom You are in His power Who created you and created all human being. He created me as a “human being” (not an angel, nor Jinn nor an object, nor animal, nor plants). He expected me to live a humane and humanistic life, I am a traveler here and my homeland is heaven. I should go up to court of God to go higher above angels, ….

I want to know myself, but I do not know why there are obstacles. I said, “we have a long-standing enemy called Satan who does not allow us reach this perfection and plays all types of tricks on us to stop us getting the sweet fruit of self-recognition although God has declared his signs to our souls. So dear, contemplate for a while, and think in yourself that if you have paid attention to yourself and found guidance, devious people will not harm you.

The other fruit of self-recognition is to recognize weaknesses and to turn them to strengths through connecting to revelation and divine guidance. When we know we are incapable of recognizing our own benefits and harms, it takes us towards religion to take advantage of divine guidance for life, the one who is our creator and knows how we can live a prosperous life.

Another fruit of self-recognition is blocking ways to human pride which is very dangerous. He is reminded that you are the one whom are made of soil and sperm and blood clot. What made you boast to your creator? The One Who has created you and made you balanced.

Breaking an idol of arrogance is the result of self- recognition. You were not more than a sticky mud and again you will return to soil, so know your place and your value and do not walk prudently.


She was so fascinated by her prayers that all people around were absorbed, tears dropped down of her eyes, and she spoke to God with her divine words; in fact, she had a romantic talk, the phrases came out of her soul. “Oh, God this glory and dignity is enough for me that you are my Lord. And this honor is enough for me that I am your servant; you are like what I want, make me like what you want. I enjoyed her prayers and spiritual state. I approached and said, “How beautifully you were praying. What have you seen in that height, what were you given, whose words were they, where did that mood come from and now what is your advice for us to experience such unique experience of yours? She said, “Dear this is something you cannot feel unless you taste it yourself. Go and talk to see how beautiful this relationship is! If you talk to this beloved One with all your heart and call Him by His beautiful Names and worship Him as you should, He would give you such an enjoyable revolution in your conscience that you will not change it with anything else. All our value depends on understanding this worship and supplication. He Himself has invited us to this feast of Kindness and says, “Call me and I answer you.” Your even one experience is greater than whatever I explained. I said, “I may not to be able to read and praise Him in correct words and phrases that deserve Him and my sentences may be incomplete.”

She said, “This is exactly the same! Our intellect is unable to describe Him and tongue is not enough eloquent to praise Him.

The Kind One Who knows our weakness, He Himself teaches us praise and worship to make us able to pray.

The holy Quran has taught us how to pray and in the teachings of his ambassadors and his infallibles He includes valuable prayers to us, like verses of Quran which start with “oh God”.

I asked, “How could we have access to assets of prays taught us by God and infallibles? These assets are accessible, if you try, you will find! Some examples of these prayers are like Komayl, Samat, Mashlool, …. Sahifah Sajjadiyah also is a gem in the sea of prayers from imam Sajjad.

Names of God

Whenever we hear that beautiful rhythm of “ismaullah” (i.e. Names of God) before Azan (especially in the glorious moments of sunset of Ramadan month); our soul becomes fresh and our heart becomes full of remembrance of God. They are so beautiful that we cannot even describe them. Each of those sacred Names and attributes is a window to the teachings by which our creator is being described; but not a description which is finding similarity between two things but a particular description which called “exiting the limits of Tashbih and Tatil.”

It means do not compare His attributes with anything else and at the same time do not deny that attribute for Him. For example when you say “Ghader”, you are paying attention to His unfinished attributes which is not similar to any other mighy one …. And more beautiful is that to know God Himself made these Names and taught us by His infallibles to open our tongue to pray, each of these names is the origin of a series of changes and creation of a series of blessings, and then a newer perspective towards the monotheistic teachings will be revealed to you; and a step higher is when you learn that all these Names and attributes are just signs leading towards Him and the most glorious signs of His creation are imams who are guides to Him.


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